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My long-term goal is to get a job in the public sector, preferably in the fields of social policy, demographics or electoral policy. I understand that the public sector is the backbone of society and I feel a strong responsibility to give back to the society that has given me so much.

During my time as an International Student I have worked in the positions of Tutor, Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Instructor and Part-Time Lecturer. Moreover, with the help of professors and peers, I have been able to publish a few academic works which are diverse in their topics. An example of this is my research into language assimilation in the U.S.-Mexico border, a piece of research which helped illustrate the current status quo of Hispanics living on the U.S side of the border. My research, however, has also covered areas such as surveillance and security in Mexico and Organized Violence in Mexico. Lastly, I have presented my research in six different academic conferences and this has allowed me to develop a taste for the academic field.

I am currently working towards my doctoral dissertation in which I will make use of an Application Programming Interface (API) with Twiter to study and research political behavior by Hispanic politicians in The United States. To extract this information I am currently using R Studio and Orange.


Publication on Drug Violence in Mexico Chapter 7 in Organized Violence: Capitalist Warfare in Latin America

Publication on surveillance in Mexico SAGE Encyclopedia

Publication on Linguistics at the US-Mexico border Spanish-Speaking Institutions

Ongoing research

Research & future publication using an Application Programming Interface with Twitter

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Written on March 3, 2014